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Trusted Auto Buyers That Pay Cash on The Spot! 

When you sell your car to Cash for Cars Mandurah, you are selling your vehicle to a trusted Auto Buyer. One that pays instant cash. We have a history of being the highest paying Car Removal Company in Mandurah for a good reason. We have the connections in the industry to resale, recycle and refurbish vehicles of any make & condition. Have an old sedan you’d like an easy sell for, give us a call! Have a wrecked 4×4 that you want a good price for what’s working under the hood and what can be recycled? We’ll make you an offer today! We buy Used & still owing, Used & paid, Damaged, Wrecked & Scrap Cars, Trucks, 4x4s, SUVs, Utes, Jeeps, Vans, Buses & Motorcycles. Just give us a call, and you have your Auto Buyer in Mandurah. We pay up to $6999 Cash for Cars Mandurah. We are part of the cash for old cars in Mandurah.


When a vehicle is not a high demand auto, it can be difficult to sell it. When it is in scrap, damaged or wrecked condition it can be even harder. Do away with all the difficulties of Selling Your Car regardless of its make & condition with a quick call to Cash for Cars Mandurah. We are the Auto Buyers in Mandurah that are professional buyers, wreckers & recyclers so that we can make you a fair offer today.  Get your car, truck, 4×4, van, SUV, bus or bike sold today. Give us a call, and we’ll make you a Cash for Cars offer up to $6999 CASH.

We Come To Your Location To Remove Your Vehicle for FREE 

At Cash for Cars Mandurah, you don’t have to go out of your way to get your vehicle sold. We are Auto Buyers & Wreckers as well as Car Recyclers that make the ordeal of Selling Your Car one that is quick and convenient. When your vehicle is located in Mandurah, you have an Auto Buyer that will buy & remove your vehicle today. We aren’t choosey as to the time you’d like us to arrive, we work around the clock, so vehicle owners schedule Free Car Removals at hours convenient for them. Expect a quick cash sale & removal for your car as we make our Instant Cash for Cars payment at the time we remove vehicles.

There’s Never A Charge for Our Eco-Friendly Car Recycling 

At Cash for Cars Mandurah, we are Car Recyclers that provide our recycling service as a courtesy to our customers. Our services are not only a courtesy but also Car Recycling that puts cash in the hands of vehicle owners. We are a company with a strong emphasis on the environment, as well as offering our customers TOP DOLLAR for their wrecked, damaged, old or scrap vehicle for recycling. Because of our high standards, we practice eco-friendly Car Recycling, so your vehicle isn’t disposed of, but recycled to new steel and metals.

We Are Auto Wreckers That Wreck Autos for Free 

When there are parts working under the hood, get your vehicle wrecked for free. Cash for Cars Mandurah Car Wrecking services is always a courtesy to our customers. Our wrecking yard Mandurah is equipped with the best and latest equipment so that we can get the most value from your auto.

How To Get Your Car Sold To Cash for Cars Mandurah 

Regardless of the make and condition of your auto, Cash for Cars Mandurah will make you an offer today. We never pressure vehicle owners to accept our Cash offer, simply provide an easy way to get your vehicle sold and removed for a fair price. Our buying system works like this:

  1.    Contact us at 0404 111 710, or fill out our “get a quote” form located at the top right of this page.
  2.    Provide us with the make, model, age & condition of your vehicle.
  3.    Accept or reject our offer.
  4.    Schedule a free car removal – we remove vehicles anywhere in Mandurah at any hour.
  5.    Gather your title for the vehicle or its scrap certificate, remove the plates from the vehicle, and park it in an easy to access area.
  6.    Count your cash!

Within less than an hour, you can have your vehicle sold & removed.

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