Selling Your Car for Cash in One Short Hour with Cash for Cars Mandurah

Posted on Feb 27th, 2017

Sounds impossible? It is not! Cash for Cars Mandurah offers the way to Sell Your Car in one short hour. Your vehicle doesn’t need to be in prime condition. In fact, it doesn’t have to even be in running condition. We are the Auto Buyers & Wreckers in town that buy every make and condition of a vehicle. How do we make it so easy to sell your vehicle? We buy your vehicle “As Is.” We are experts in the auto buying industry, and the more cars we buy, the better our business. Whether we buy your vehicle for spare parts, or to recycle or resale, we will make you an offer up to $6999 Cash for Cars Mandura.

Ready to get started? We have designed the process of selling your vehicle down to a fine art that takes about an hour out of the day. We don’t require you set an appointment until you hear what we have to offer you for your scrap auto. We do this by making you an offer over the phone or through our web page. So, let’s get started.

  1. You contact Cash for Cars Mandurah and provide us with the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle.
  2. We make you a cash offer. Your vehicle can be in any condition – used, scrap, damaged, wrecked, old or unwanted, and we guarantee to make you our best or highest offer of $6999.
  3. You accept or reject our offer.
  4. Accept, and schedule a Free Car Removal anywhere in Mandurah. We work around the clock scheduling car removals as a courtesy to our customers. While we typically can arrive within a few hours of your accepting our quote, we guarantee a same day car removal that pays cash on the spot. Once we arrive, the process is all downhill. We quickly inspect the vehicle, and then exchange the paperwork and cash! The entire process takes about 45 minutes.
  5. You count your cash.

Our tow truck driver provides the sales contract as well as any other necessary paperwork while vehicle owners provide the title of ownership for the auto.

With us, you get all the best:

  • A fast Car Removal anywhere in Mandurah
  • An instant cash payment – on the spot!
  • Free car recycling – we are green recyclers

Give us a call today at 0404 111 710 for an offer of up to $6999 CASH for Your Car!